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pA Metering Evalkit

EPSH-PAM2.0 is the full signal chain module which from a femtoampere level input bias current operational amplifier ADA4530-1 to ADA4522-1, as the buffering and/or gain setting stage, to low noise 24bits Sigma-Delta ADC, then to Microchip ATSAML21 ultra low power ARM Cotex-M0+ MCU to connect to PC USB port; through our special designed Labview GUI, which provides module configuration function, the features of real-time waveform, histogram and statistics analysis, as well as by Excel test data exporting.  It could achieve the better user experience.

Click here to know morehttps://www.youtube.com/pAmetering


  • Laboratory and analytical instrumentation: spectrophotometer, chromatographs, mass spectrometers, pH meter, Titrator, Instrumentation picoammeters etc
  • Environmental monitoring equipment
  • PCB leakage measurement and ICT/FCT tester
  • IVD
  • Industrial process control

Module is powered up by PC USB connection

2 test points to be provided for the measurements of ADA4530-1 output and AD7124-4 input separately


Key Feature

ADA4530-1 on the pA Meter Module is populated in transimpedance configuration with as input SMA connector that connects to amplifier inventing pin.

By high value through hole 10GΩ feedback resister, the output of ADA4530-1 will be 10mV for the relevant input current of 1pA after calibration (with default module setup).

With low leakage design and shielding consideration, the EPSH-PAM2.0 module could reach higher performance to satisfy most of target applications.

Linearity: Measured by Keithley 6220 , within the range of 0-20pA, the linearity of the module can reach 0.9999 in steps of 1pA. (Uncalibrated)

 RMS noise: measured by Keithley 6220, its performance is better than 550μV (equal to 55fA input current), and the rms noise background is less than 50μV. (With SMA cap)

Input current Dynamic range: 0 to -200 pA



20210806 PAM leaflet English_10Nov

pA Metering Module_RD-0202_V1.4 [update version number]



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