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Return Policy



All products listed in the ASEAN ESHOP have clearly stated product information. Please check the product-related information carefully or confirm with online customer service before placing an order. If the wrong model is ordered due to its own reasons, ASEAN ESHOP will not accept the return request.

Returns Service Acceptance Conditions 

  1.  Customers who need to return the goods due to incorrect quantity of goods received, inconsistent models, or product quality problems can submit a return application within 3 days after receiving the goods, and will not be accepted after the expiration date 
  2.  When returning the product, please keep the complete original packaging ( including the outer packaging and inner filler ) and ensure that the goods label is in good condition. The goods label is the only evidence for the coordinated return of ASEAN ESHOP . If it is lost, it will not be accepted 
  3.  If you apply for a return due to product quality problems, the customer needs to provide a detailed test report as the basis for the negotiation of ASEAN ESHOP . If necessary, a third-party English test report recognized by both parties shall be provided 
  4.  For orders that have been invoiced, the invoice must be returned after the return application is approved 

Return Application Process

Returns Service Inadmissibility

  1. Once NC/NR products are sold, they will not be returned;
  2. The original product packaging and the label of the goods are damaged or missing;
  3. Already used on the machine/Tested products;
  4. The delivery time is more than two weeks (subject to the express delivery date);
  5. Is missing an invoice;
  6. Wrong booking caused by the household’s own reasons;

Returns Service Processing Time

After the user submits the after-sales application, ASEAN ESHOP customer service staff will accept and give feedback within two working days.


After-sales Service Processing Result

Users can Contact ASEAN ESHOP online customer service to inquire about the acceptance result and processing progress


For more information, please contact ASEAN ESHOP online customer service staff:

Contact time: Monday to Friday 09 :00-18:00

General Enquiry: +65 6741 8980

Customer Center:+91 9833488834