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Excelpoint Systems (PTE) , Ltd. is a leading distributor of electronic components in the Asia-Pacific region. It can serve as an Asian electronics manufacturer, including original equipment manufacturers.( OEM), original design manufacturer (ODM) and electronic manufacturing service provider (EMS) provide high-quality components, engineering design and supply chain management services.

ASEAN ESHOP is an electronic component distribution mall of Shijian , Ensure that the components sold in the mall are all original and authentic, and the quality is 100% guaranteed.

Our beliefs


We firmly believe "enthusiasm" is the key to business success.


We adhere to the principles of honesty, trustworthiness and strict ethics, strictly abide by professional ethics, and try our best to do everything well.


"Create and maintain core competitiveness and services, and create maximum value for all parties involved" is our commitment.


We are committed to establishing and maintaining mutual trust between all suppliers and customers, and providing high-quality services that meet or exceed expectations.